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About Us


Hu's Story

Hi, my name is Hu Cheng. I am a Tai Chi instructor and a Martial artist. I had Kung fu and Tai Chi experience In my lifetime, Shaolin Kung fu for 10 years, and Tai Chi for about 10 years. The first time I learned Tai Chi back to 2012 when I was in China, and start with Traditional Chen style Tai Chi, At 2013 I have experienced the "Zen Fit" program that the Group fitness program base on Traditional Tai Chi and It Martial arts style fitness, The purpose of Zen Fit fitness program is "return to origin", mind and body exercise.

My Vision

Tai Chi is not just a forms or fitness,wellness, its the healing, a balance lifestyle. the philosophy of Tai chi can benefit of our life, it is a lifestyle, a balance lifestyle, Happy&Healthy lifestyle. My mission is that use the simple way to share this balance lifestyle with you, to help you find your own peaceful life, enjoy the every moment in your life.

_To the mind that is still, the whole un
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