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The First Tai Chi Group Fitness

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ZEN FIT is a revolutionary mind-body group fitness program built to a whole new level of inspiration and intensity. Built around “yin / yang meditations” by pairing Taijiquan inspired movement with Taiji philosophy, Zen FIT is a unique fusion of peaceful yet powerful, Traditional tai chi movements and light cardio training set to motivating music.

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Each session is broken into three cycles of “Relax, Root, and Flow”. The ‘Relax’ cycle lets one relax his/her body and focus on breath, the ‘Root’ cycle emphasizes leg power and teaches you to root into the earth. Finally, the ‘Flow’ cycle lets one combine movements into a flowing stream.



Zen Fit can be practiced by many different people. The movements are fairly simple and you only have to follow along to experience the basic philosophical view of Taiji. You don’t need to remember too many details and learn new movements to attain this goal.

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Highly Effective

All the movements are not only Taijiquan based movements, but also conform to training principles of modern sport science. This makes the training highly effective. The main goal is to increase practitioners’ Quality of Life, helping them have more balance between body and mind.

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Every training section is made on the beat of the music, creating a fun and active environment. Some sections will require group work making it more fun and interactive.

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Open & Close

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Up & Down

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Soft & Hardness

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Move & Still

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