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Benefit to new beginner, "Free" 30 minutes online Tai Chi class

Have you been looking for a Tai Chi class for yourself or the one you love?! and not sure where to start, I feel you. my name is Hu Cheng, I am one of the Tai chi instructor in the world, not the best, but working on it! I have been teaching Tai Chi since 2015 and started my Tai Chi journey back to 2012, I wasn't so sure if I like Tai Chi by the time(seem too slow to me) and I had hard time to motivate myself to get into practice time, but, here is my but, every time after my practice time, I felt great and peaceful, and up on that, the more practice you get then more peaceful you have, I like that feeling, "easy focus, seeing things cleaner, make me enjoy my life so much more and happy from inside out", after this all I realize this also could turn into my career, and I would love to share this positive energy with you and at the same time keep benefit my health in mind and body too. anyway, I have this traditional Tai chi Tuesday day since 2015(was in person) and now move to online, on my YouTube cannel, (link below). The date is "Every Tuesday at 6 pm(CT)" 30 minutes Tai Chi for beginner, give it a try to see if you like it. if you like it don't forget to subscribe my cannel to keep you update, that's all for today, have a great day and everyday to you and your family. stay safe and healthy! Hu

YouTube link:

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